Wednesday, 6 March 2013

How To Choose Best Patio Umbrella

7 Tips To Choosing A Perfect Patio Umbrella

When your open space does not have the shadow of the trees, the easiest and most affordable solution is to buy patio umbrellas.

Unfortunately, buy an umbrella for your patio is not easy if you do not know the exact information to be the best in your garden.


Choose patio umbrella as per your lifestyle

1 position.

Choosing an umbrella for your backyard, you have to consider where it is to check for shading can be served.

Location for patio umbrella is important. There are two categories umbrella location: across the table and autonomous. Free standing umbrellas are used in large open areas. This may obscure the different types of patio furniture of any shape and size according to your preferences. Umbrella tables mostly located in the center of the patio table and is commonly used as a focal point space.

2 Umbrella

It support your patio umbrella. Stand or base depends on how you intend to use it. In the standard basis of open umbrellas, you should consider the heavy support that can survive any time. Free umbrellas require constant heavier than umbrellas on a database table.

3. Size
Size umbrellas would be determined by measuring its diameter. When choosing the exact size patio umbrella, make sure to measure a table, chairs or space shadow. The basic rule when calculating the diameter is that the frame should be at least 4 to 5 feet more, a large area to cover.

4. Umbrella frames

There are two types of frames to choose from - an umbrella with metal and wooden frames. The choice depends on the basis of how you intend to use an umbrella, which may reflect the theme you patio. Metal umbrellas to use a switch or lever lift. This allows the umbrella to be oriented in any direction. Brings the metal umbrellas you can buy colors such as black, white or champagne. Umbrella, wooden, normally open manually by using pulleys and can not be turned on. Hardwood teak and is the most common wood umbrellas in stores.

5. Tilt techniques

There are three methods in the slope of the umbrella - collar tilt, turn the handle and the handle. Collar tilt method is the most common and easy to use. Umbrella tilts when the ring is located on the chassis.

6. Materials

The main purpose of your patio umbrella to block the harmful rays of the sun. This should result in compliance with the material of your awning. Materials commonly used PVC fabric, canvas and shade. PVC canopy can block 100% of UV radiation and survive the weather. Canvas awning fabric steady, effectively blocks the sun. It is not resistant to water at the time of purchase, but it can be treated to be waterproof your tent. Shadow fabric blocks 90-95% of UV rays. He could not resist a bit of rain, but it is not totally impervious to water.

7 Types

At the heart of the message is the most common type of patio umbrella. It is supported by a central pole. Ribs extending its umbrella pole. It is advisable to place the umbrella pole in the center of the solid and heavy base.

-Turn the handle and tilt
The design of the handle and tilt very similar to the center pole, but it is known to be a crank between the pole and the lining, which allows you to rotate the angle of the shadow of an umbrella. This umbrella is perfect for large open areas, because it can block the sun in all directions.

Cantilever umbrella hanging on the side of the frame. Its curved arm supports only one end. This patio umbrella shade for large surfaces with dining sets under the umbrella or a pool next to the furniture, because it can be rotated 360 degrees. Its shadow can be placed in any location where it is needed.

Pavilion shady place, which is supported at the four corners. This type of umbrella is used to a large open space that could be a shadow on the entire family. Most flags are used in the parks as temporary restaurants and area beaches and attractions.

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