Friday, 13 April 2012

Color My World Challenge: Have a look at!

Yesterday, I come to know about such a great color my word challenge by Perfectly Imperfect Blog! There is a series of great participation and DIY projects. This is my first attempt to publish external content or images on my blog. But, I can't stop my self to make it happen. Just drill down more in following section to get answer. Smile from here! There are too many amazing contribution & not able to include each and every thing in it. But, I wanted to pick single one from it which makes it better.

Join Color My World Challenge

I was searching for table lamps which help me to stay connected in this challenge and I found it.

Stabina Table Lamp

If we're talking about home decor or outdoor decor so, we can't forget patio umbrellas. I hope you will love it. Honestly, I did not know that, can I be a part of this challenge or not? But, I just surprise to see such a great chain of home decor ideas. So, why should I not share some valuable one to you which I have. What you think about it?

Tilt Market Umbrella

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  1. The home decor and the outside decor both are amazing. The table lamps are beautiful. Thanks for sharing. California Real Estate Agent