Friday, 9 March 2012

How to Repair, Clean, Maintain and Take Care of Patio Umbrellas?

Properly cleaning and maintaining your patio umbrella will definitely increase its longevity. Not only will your outdoor umbrella look better, it will also last longer.

You have already installed a patio umbrella at your patio or garden and started savoring surrounding beauty and fresh air outside. You find it extremely enjoyable and enlightening; however, have you ever thought about giving a proper care to your umbrella in order to have a long term utility? The outdoor umbrellas are going to live long if you take care of them regularly and you do not need to go and buy umbrella again. You can properly clean, repair, and maintain them for a long term use. You might have selected a market umbrella or a patio umbrella for your garden. What comes significant is that the care you give to it. When you pay a little attention towards the maintenance, they stay with you for so long by giving you shade from the harsh sun and other climate challenges. 

Clean them regularly
Try to clean the umbrella at least once in three months. Dusting off the fabric regularly is a must. Washing the fabric in hot but mild soap water using a soft bristled brush once in a while is absolutely fine. Some people do not use outdoor umbrellas round the year. They would keep it outside only when the season favors them to stay outside. They remove the umbrella and store it in a safe place. This is a sensible decision but we may need to make sure that the cleaning up is done thoroughly. Wash the umbrella cloth thoroughly with warm soap water after removing the fabric from its frame. Wipe the frame and pole nicely before you keep them in a store so that the umbrella could steer clear of mildews.

Repair umbrella parts
Your patio umbrellas might end up having a broken rib or torn fabric. Sometimes the pulley system may malfunction or the pole may go rusted. If so, what would you probably do? Throw them away? You really do not need to do that when you have the option of repairing or replacing these parts. If you find the fabric worn out, go ahead and purchase a new fabric and install it yourself. If it is a string broken, you can repair them by joining the two ends with heavy duty tapes.

Dye the canopy
If at all you think the color of the fabric is faded and you need something reviving for your patio umbrella move ahead and get the fabric dyed. This is an excellent idea to save your money. You don’t need to replace the fabric altogether to get that pepped up look. You may just need to ask them to get a marvelous color or pattern on the fabric and your umbrella gets a revived look all of a sudden.

Add some accessories
What about adding some new accessories to the patio umbrella? You can add a valance or can add new finials or even bring some new patio furniture to enhance it. These sorts of accessories are going to give a real enhancement to your patio umbrella easily and inexpensively.


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