Monday, 19 March 2012

Cantilever Patio Umbrellas: Best Choice for Outdoor Decor

Do you want to buy patio umbrellas which can create elegant look in your backyard area? Patio umbrellas' look and unique styles are always matter when we go for purchase. But, we recommend to focus on such another factors like availability of accessories, easy to use and cover maximum area in your backyard area. What you think about it?

Of late, placing a patio umbrella in the backyard or garden has become a style statement. The demand for outdoor umbrellas is soaring now. You certainly cannot ignore its ornamental value as well as its usefulness in open areas of your residence. A variety of umbrellas are available there including umbrellas made of different sorts of fabrics and metals. Cantilever and offset umbrellas are a big craze among umbrella lovers as they permit the users a lot of handiness. Furthermore, they provide a chic look and enhance the ambience to the hilt.

A cantilever canopy not only let you to give a breathtaking appearance to your garden but it certainly gives spacious shadow to those who sit under it. You may have already some patio furniture such as desk, chairs, tables, or lights and your patio umbrella is effectively covering them. And, of course, there are your kids! They would really like to play outside and spend time around your garden umbrella. When you select a big cantilever patio umbrella for your garden, you create a bigger space for your kids and pets. It is always wonderful to see your kids and pets having enjoyable time out in the bright daylight while protecting them from harmful UV rays. A standard patio umbrella of 9 feet with 2 inch pole diameter is ideal for any backyard, pool side, or garden.

Not space is the only thing these offset umbrellas are giving you, but it offers other useful features too. It has a smooth opening and closing mechanism which is called crank lift system. Most cantilever umbrellas should have 360 degrees tilts and turns system. They are made with quality fabrics and materials like aluminum. The spun polyester fabrics are one quality canopy fabric which helps in UV resistance. Not only the frame and canopy fabrics are important, you may need to find out an umbrella with strong poles. Opting for bronze or bronze coated poles is a best option.

Colors! Well, colors are plenty out there. However, it should be your personal taste which guides you to acquire the right color for your offset umbrella. Amazingly, you are exposed to a world of umbrella colors that are sophisticated and eye soothing. Either you can go for multicolor stripes, or flowery canopy or you can choose a single color sophisticated outdoor umbrella. The fact is that you have a wider collection to select the best suitable one. The shapes too are marveling. There are round, square, oval, octagonal, and triangle shaped umbrellas. Along with these, you find several other shapes and designs.

Well these are some cantilever umbrella ideas for you. In actual fact, these umbrellas would give you a more urbane look than an ordinary patio umbrella. With its convenient set up and sturdy useful features, they keep on pleasing people. If you are in search of outdoor umbrellas, especially for residential use, then offset umbrellas should be your perfect choice because they bring about a charming classy look to the outdoor space of your home.
Cantilever patio umbrella
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